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Waste management plays a significant part in the sustainable delivery of services.


We assess client premises and advise on the most suitable sustainability strategies. We're also on the ground helping to find the right local partners to re-process waste streams. We work with you to reduce your carbon footprint and lower your waste costs.

MasterServ considers that a Waste Management Plan focused on avoid, reuse and recycle is a critical inclusion in the delivery of services.

Our long-term waste solution is built around audit, assessment and reporting. We work with suppliers to develop alternative packaging and find companies that recycle and find a new home for virtually all waste products.

Services include total waste and recycling management, diversion from landfill initiatives, maximising rebate revenues, carbon footprint reduction and ensuring legal compliance. Detailed client reporting enables you to measure and track your waste achievements.

Our waste management solution can minimise your impact on the environment and help to create a cleaner, greener and more sustainable world. We help businesses become more sustainable through strategic management of waste and recycling, and reducing consumption of water and energy, so you can improve your environmental sustainability.

MasterServ helped one food manufacturer reduce their waste to landfill from 240 tonnes a month down to less than 10 tonnes a month.

  • General waste

  • Recyclable waste

  • Specialist waste - fluorescent globe mercury recycling

  • Hazardous waste removal

  • Asbestos removal

  • Clinical waste - syringes in 'sharps' bins.

Waste Services

Waste management plays a significant part in the sustainable delivery of services.