Switch And Save

" If Your Looking to Switch To MasterServ From Your Current Service Provider, Our MasterServ Switch Squad Will Help you Every Step Of The Way "

      Switching made simple - what happens:

  • We can arrange with your current service provider for you to cancel your contract and switch to MasterServ.

  • If you need any equipment all this will be supplied by MasterServ quietly and effectively. We’ll be in touch every step of the way to guide you through this quick process.

  • We'll tell you how long the process will take when you place your order.

  • We provide an option to keep your existing cleaning staff if you are satisfied with them or we can place our own fully trained staff on site.

  • For continuous service it is best to give notice to your current provider.

  • You can keep any free extra offers supplies by your current provider and we will add them ree to your package with MasterServ. We will also apply a 10%-15% discount on your current price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

My Current Provider Offer Many Extras Can You Do This?

Any benefits or extras that have been provided by your current provider will also transfer to our company on switch over.

What Changes Will Occur during The Switch?

Switching company is a very easy task . We aim to facilitate as little upheavel as possible during the switch. We will supply all equipment of an equal or higher standard, and will will endeavour through our auditing systems and manager - cleaning staff relations to advance from the quality of service provided by your current supplier.

How Much Can I Save By switching To MasterServ?

By switching from your current service provider to MasterServ we offer savings on your monthly bills of a minimum 10%-15%. This offer includes all our service offerings. 

Do I Need To Give Notice To My Current Supplier?

Generally notice of 30 days to end a contract is sufficient in the contract cleaning industry. You can email or write to your current provide and offer them 30 days notice of cancelleation of contract. We will also speak with your current provider to arrange an efficient hand over.

What Happens to Our Current Cleaning Operatives?

We provide an opion wherby if you are happy with your current cleaners they can transfer from their company and join our company. There is a common agreement among Irish companies to faciilite this process (TUPE) . If you would like us to change cleaning staff then we can transfer them to another contract site and place new cleaning staff on your premises.

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