Creating The Most Dynamic Brand

Interview with entrepreneur, Keith Bete, co-founder of clothing brand,Ubuntuism Clothing.

“Growing up I was always intrigued by brands – from sportswear, to logo animations on game consoles. I loved brands so much that I aspired to recreate them. I used to buy fabric to get clothes sewn up, then take labels from second hand designer clothing brands and sew them onto my creations to sell them to my friends as original branded clothes. I am not proud of that but it was my entry into the branded clothing market as a young teenager.

“I used to believe that having a brand was simply creating a logo and placing it onto your product. I then came to understand that creating a brand isn’t an easy task; it takes blood, sweat and many years of tears. Creating a brand is a craft. You are creating an entity that lives, breathes and oozes the aura of what your business stands for. In African culture we have a proverb, ‘stand for something or fall for anything’ – what your business stands for is what the brand should reflect.

“A brand, I believe, is the highest form of business. When you think of the most successful businesses in the world you immediately think of global brands. Once you reach the point of having an established brand, your customers become brand evangelists and identify themselves with the brand. A brand is an extension of those that consume it and at the same time, people aspire to live up to what a brand stands for.

Keith’s tips to create a brand:

  • Be sure to formally register your intellectual property or IP (trademark, patent, domain name, etc) so that you have ownership of the IP, your most valuable asset.

  • Work hard to keep crafting your brand.

  • Create brand assets, elements within your brand that create the full brand experience. A brand is multi-layered and every touch point with customers is another facet of the brand. All the layers combined create the ultimate brand experience and the golden thread that connects everything is the pure brand message.

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