Our Partnership Approach

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It is the experience and recommendation of MasterServ that the key to making outsourcing relationships work is in moving from a transaction-based relationship to a partnership one.


Defining distinctive roles on both the client and provider’s end and having the right people with the right skill-sets for these roles ensures that each person plays a vital role in making the relationship work

The key to enhancing the partnership approach is the constant attention and cultivation of individual relationships among all employees on both sides. Being able to participate and receive recognition for ability and performance both motivates the service team to reach higher, and forces the customer’s organisation to engage. In companies actively working to build and cultivate teams and resources with the service partner, we see significantly lower turnover among both front-line employees and on account management levels, which yields a higher stability and quality in the contract.




  • The behaviours and roles of the team should be appropriate for the current environment and for benefit realisation.

  • Personal relationships need constant grooming and nurturing.

  • Partnership or collaboration on problem resolution is the norm and not the exception. 

  • Benefits are being delivered to the organisations on both sides.

  • Substantial cost savings delivered