Our aim is to get our stadium and event clients to slash their waste to landfill to nil. Sure, it's a lofty goal, but one that we think is possible.


Using a mix of coloured sort bins, customer awareness campaigns and clear signage, we then work with a team of waste and re-use partners so that every item possible, finds a new home. We recently assisted one stadium to replace wax hot chip packages with 100 per cent recyclable paper after we identified this packaging was a major source of non-recyclable waste.


Our process is based on our understanding of customer behaviour and how to maximise the responsible disposal of waste. Calculating an optimal bin-to-patron ratio is supported by our on the ground staff that make sure the right waste is placed in the right location.



With more than 50,000 visitors consuming and discarding food and drinks each day at an average large national event, effective recycling and waste management strategies come from careful planning and expert execution in:


  • Choosing the right type of bins for different locations

  • Making sure general waste, cardboards and organics are separated from co-mingled waste

  • Deciding how waste can be sorted and removed off site

  • Analysing waste disposal in all areas after the event to make decisions that raise the benchmark each year.

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