Our dedicated facility teams manage all operational and maintenance tasks from asset management to all trade services. Master tradespeople provide you with the peace of mind that every job will be planned, managed and delivered.


Stadium asset maintenance teams develop asset registers of all major assets including boilers, HVAC, mechanicals and develop ongoing maintenance plans. Major refurbishment works are carried out in the off-seasons and during non-event periods.We also offer our clients painting services. Teams use high durability coating systems to ensure our paints and coatings last longer. Expert teams are deployed for heights work including facades, grandstands and light towers. Inside, every surface is clean, fresh and game-ready.Dedicated teams manage all operational and maintenance tasks including: 


  • Asset management

  • Mechanical maintenance

  • Handyman services

  • Trade services

  • Compliance management

  • Essential services

  • Painting services

LSE Maintenance

Pest Control