masterserv health

Healthcare providers must meet increasingly high standards of clinical excellence and compliance, which puts pressure on limited resources and budgets. Managing resources and budgets to secure the best clinical and patient outcomes requires focus and specialisation. 

MasterServ is core to quality healthcare. waste management, cleaning, laundry, ward support, facility maintenance, grounds management and painting are essential to the successful operations of any healthcare facility. For the past 16 years, MasterServ has focussed on driving productivity savings in the provision of non-clinical support services. 

Every day, our team of healthcare professionals target improvements in quality and safety, compliance, risk mitigation and patient, nurse, physician and visitor satisfaction.

Best practice
We invest in healthcare specific systems including electronic auditing protocols for hospital cleans, specialised linen management systems, sterile cleaning technologies for high risk operating theatres and laboratories and comprehensive safety, quality and risk management plans.

We continuously review and re-engineer our business models and service delivery by:

  • Driving and capturing the total cost of service through process improvements, overhead reductions and benchmarking

  • Capturing, reporting and demonstrating business benefits

  • Operating as a business partner – aligning with client objectives and continuously working across service lines to identify improvements.