Health & Safety

masterserv health and safety

MasterServ health & safety statement is at the centre of all we do. Compliance with regulatory standards is just the foundation from which we work to ensure all the services we supply are provided in a safe manner.


We belive at MasterServ that our Health & Safety policy can be continually improved. We are never stisified and that is why we encourage all our staff to report any health and safety issues no matter how small it may be to our own health & safety officer who logs and monitors these issue.


All our staff are fully trained and an integral part of this training involves Health & Safety issues in the work place. We provide all our staff with a copy of our health & Safety manual.


We undertake a full Health & Safety audit before comencing a new contract and this is presented to our staff and the customer.


Target Zero Policy:


As Health Safety and the environment are the pillars of our business we operate a programme called 'Target Zero'. This is about creating safe work environments wherever we work and fostering a 24/7 culture of safe behaviours. It also extends to security of your premises and asset protection ensuring that staff, project sites and client and company information are safe guarded.