Education - Maintenance Services


MasterServ provides facilities management services in schools, colleges and universities, improving the quality of daily life for students and staff. Because no two education facilities are the same, neither are our facilities management contracts.


We take the time to closely assess your particular needs and budget, creating a personalised bundle of facility management and asset maintenance services that maximises the value you receive for every euro spent.


Building Services

Services include office, classroom, lecture theatre refurbishment, equipment upgrades, renovations, repairs, restorations, internal fit outs and ongoing maintenance.


Essential Services

We ensure the operational readiness of your fire extinguishers, emergency exit lights, fire alarms, fire sprinkler systems and fire escapes, all in accordance with strict codes of practice and building regulations.


Handyman Services

Our handyman service provides a flexible response to tasks as cupboard and shelf installations, painting touch ups, hanging whiteboards, assisting in the coordination of office and classroom moves, unblocking drains and replacing light globes. Our 'jack of all trades' are there to support the day-to-day running of your facility.


 Mechanical Maintenance

If it moves, we'll help keep it running smoothly. We manage all your mechanical assets from boilers and air conditioners to lifts and waste treatment systems. As these assets are crucial support systems for your education facility we schedule preventative maintenance at off peak hours. We also keep an eye on the condition of all assets and will advise you when it becomes more cost effective to replace than repair.


Painting Services

Education painting teams handle all interior and exterior painting jobs from small repairs in a classroom to large scale refurbishments. Each job is assessed, scheduled and planned. To avoid any class-time disruption, we work out-of-hours and during semester holiday breaks. Our choice of high durability coatings ensure that paint 

Education Maintenance Services