The challenge


Coca Cola required increased visibility of its FM spend and works activity. MasterServ and Coca Cola set out to design a solution that would deliver tangible client improvements in terms of time, quality and cost.

The solution


Through client collaboration MasterServ was able to redefine Coca Colas standards and introduce lower costs. Within two months of commencing FM operations in this pilot program, FM spending savings were evident across CCA’s operations


MasterServ provides management information to CCA on a monthly basis. Using its national contact centre, MasterServ is using key performance indicators and metrics to work with CCA to drive improvements in FM expenditure and service outcomes.


All work orders are logged, right down to the number of hours required, providing CCA with enhanced transparency of its total FM spend.


MasterServ uses this data to deliver immediate cost savings by rectifying causal factors and scheduling planned and reactive maintenance activity. The MasterServ direct service delivery model is also providing further cost savings and simplification with fewer subcontractors required.


A client portal using the latest technology tracks contract workflow management and checks job status. Service quality is improved and measured through contract key performance indicators.


MasterServ is also ensuring health and safety standards by applying its safety support processes to improve operational health and safety compliance within CCA sites.

Future cost control


Further cost savings and operational benefits will be rolled out across CCA’s other facilities, reflecting the client’s strategic partnership approach. By focusing on CCA’s required outcomes and by taking a longer term view, MasterServ can re-define maintenance expenditure and assess life-cycle costs rather than simply maintain assets on a short term basis.

Coca Cola Case Study